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DLL ShowKidz is a weekly creative music and movement class. Each month classes are built around a theme and a monthly movement objective that centers on cognitive and physical development. Each lesson is not only fun for the students and teachers but is backed by strong learning concepts. Each DLL class has consistent elements that will help with stability of behavior and technical growth. DLL ShowKidz lessons will cultivate the students fine/gross motor skills, musical ability, locomotor movement, peer relationships, imagination and communication skills.


DLL Yoba is an exciting combination of yoga and ballet with an imaginative twist! Yoba will focus on developing student’s strength, flexibility, and focus with an emphasis on technical elements of both ballet and yoga. Each class will include a mixture of flexibility and strength activities, movement games, and relaxation exercises. Don’t miss the amazing Yoba journey!


DLL HipKidz is a jazz based dance class focused on cultivating rhythm, musicality, and expression through music while also introducing students to different styles of music and movement. Music is a very important element to a DLL HipKidz class, each class will use popular, appropriate music that the students relate to. Your little dancer will love this creative and imaginative dance class where everyone is a star!

Classroom Connections

Dance.Laugh.Learn. is committed to educational growth and development through the application of state wide education standards. Each DLL lesson will help teachers meet their state standards in ALL areas, not just the arts. See the attached documents for a more comprehensive list of state standards DLL classes meet for NY, NJ, and SC.

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